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Yes, these books are crafted with care and precision by skilled artisans, who are dedicated to delivering their best work. You might be curious about whether they use sewing machines in their process. The answer is a definite yes, as manually sewing through the sturdy structure of each page would be a challenging task. Each piece is sewn rather than glued, which is a testament to the durability of the product. 

The creation of these books is a labor of love by experts in their field, who are committed to delivering their finest creations. It's natural to question if sewing machines are part of the process. Of course, they are - attempting to hand-sew through the robust framework of each page would be quite a feat. The fact that each piece is sewn, not glued, is a guarantee of the longevity of the product.

The books are actually made out of quite a few materials (if we include the buttons and so on). For the main materials; all books are made out of OEKO-TEX® felt and cottons

Care Instructions for Your Quiet Book:

Quiet books are delicate, engaging educational tools and they need your attention to maintain their integrity and durability. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

Dust Removal: Dust and other fine debris can be easily cleaned using a lint roller. Regularly rolling it over the surface of the book can help maintain its cleanliness and prevent the build-up of dust.

Stain Cleaning: Accidental stains or spills can be tackled with cotton swabs or a sponge. Gently wipe the affected area without scrubbing to avoid damaging the fabric.

Washing: The quiet book can be hand-washed if needed. Use a soft detergent and cold water to carefully clean the pages. Avoid using harsh detergents or hot water, as they can cause the colors to fade or damage the fabric.

Drying: Never squeeze the book to remove water; instead, blot it with a towel. Then, allow the book to dry in a vertical position, keeping it away from direct, strong heat sources that could cause shrinkage or damage.

Ironing: Ironing is not recommended